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Mother’s Day Gift Baskets

It’s not too late – we’ve got your back! logoMothersDayBaskets

Valentine’s Baskets at the Nauvoo Cafe

Every year the Nauvoo Cafe brings exclusive gifts for Valentine’s Day such as Tuxedo Strawberries, Heart-Shaped Sugar Cookies, Single Rose with Tuxedo Strawberries, Specialty Sodas, etc. This year we’re making it easier for you and extra special to your valentine with our Valentine’s Day Baskets!

Check out our baskets below and call 801-539-3346 during business hours to place your order. 

Pre-order your basket today!

Pre-order your basket today!

You can still purchase the items individually at the Nauvoo Cafe if desired.

General Conference – October 2013


Richard’s Poem – Nauvoo Cafe


The Nauvoo Cafe is friendly and clean where you can come in peace and happiness glean.

There are many pictures of Old Nauvoo, that will help you enjoy the wonderful food.

Only good people come here to dine where the staff and cooks are friendly and fine.

So if you want to have fun while you eat come to the Nauvoo Cafe for a treat.

There are sandwiches, soups, salad and turkey pot pie, ice cream, cookies, cake and brownies to buy.

So come to the Nauvoo Cafe for a while to stay.



2012 Holiday Restaurant Hours


The Utah Office of Tourism is hosting the U.S. Travel Association Vote Travel Bus today, Monday, April 9 and they just stopped by the NAUVOO CAFE for a bite to eat! Our sandwiches are on that bus!! :)

“The U.S. Travel’s “Vote Travel Bus Tour” is a coast-to-coast tour of destinations across America to educate the public of the enormous value of travel. Tourism is vital to Utah’s economy with total spending by travelers at $6.5 billion in 2010, up 4.7% from the previous year. Utah welcomed 20.2 million international and domestic travelers in 2010, generating $842 million in traveler spending. According to the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget, tax relief per household due to tourism revenue was $1,012.27, up from $948.41 in 2009.” – from the Utah Office of Tourism Agenda

Just outside The Nauvoo Cafe!! We loved having this group!

LDS Spring Conference Dining options

Dining options for Spring Conference

Temple Square Hospitality dining options located at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

2011 Holiday Hours

The holidays are quickly approaching and we’re so excited! This is one of our favorite times of the year!

We invite you all to join us during our open hours for the upcoming holidays. Make sure to notice the dates we are closed and/or closing early this year. We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Nauvoo Cafe – As Fresh As It Gets

The Nauvoo Cafe is one of the freshest, most delicious sandwich restaurants in town! What do we mean by freshest? Well, just take a look:

Your meat is cut right in front of you! And no, we don’t use a big slicing machine to make paper thin strips of meat. If you want meat, you get meat, and a lot of it!

Next, your sandwich is placed through a heating oven, making your bread slightly crisped and your cheese deliciously melted.

Then, if you’d like any vegetables, we load it up with the freshest ones possible. You also get your choice of mouth-watering sauce drizzled across your delectable creation.

And there it is…the finished product! Stay and eat this beautiful meal in our dining area or out on the patio, along with any of our other great options: salads, pot pies, soups, chips, and desserts. You can also take your meal to go. And you can even call or email your order ahead of time and pick it up on the go!

Visit our website for a menu and more details. Also, visit us on Facebook for great updates on the soup of the day and fun giveaways, promotions, and interesting happenings.