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We love Spring at Temple Square and cannot wait to have beautiful tulips all around. Here at Temple Square Hospitality we’re getting ready for General Women’s Meeting and General Conference, one of the busiest times of the year!

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General Conference – October 2013


Jimmy Reed

September is National Piano Month! The Roof Restaurant is famous for having remarkable live music and top notch pianists. Meet one of our wonderful pianists through this incredible article, published earlier this year on Zions Bank Community Magazine.

Jimmy Reed - Jazz Pianist Still Charms After Six Decades


by Melanie Johnson

Photo by Kevin Kiernan

Published on: Zions Bank Community Magazine


After performing as a jazz pianist for more than six decades, Jimmy Reed still captivateshis audience. Making his listeners part of the music remains his focus and is what keeps them coming back for more. His passion for music and engaging audiences spans more than 60 years of performing before a wide spectrum of political, religious and entertainment figures. He has performed for Bing Crosby, the Rockefeller family, Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. and LDS Church President Thomas S Monson. His biggest career highlight was sharing the stage with Bob Hope.

“When I play, I work a room” says the 87-year-old musician.

Whether playing background music at a club or restaurant, or as the lead act, his formula for success is engaging his listeners. “I watch when they’re eating and where they beat their feet,” Reed says. “I watch where I can feel a connection being made”.If someone comes in with a sad or stressed countenance, Reed makes it his goal to get them tapping their feet, or swaying to the rhythm.

“I say, ‘I wonder if I can get that guy going. He looks like he’s had a hard day,’” Reed says. He’ll start playing a piece he thinks the man will enjoy. “All of the sudden, he’s up; he’s clapping”. This audience-focused approach has served him well – “I’ve never lost a job playing”, Reed recalls.

Reed’s musical journey started at a young age when he came home from school to find a piano in the front room. At his mother’s request, he taught himself how to play with only a handful of formal piano lessons. In high school, he played clubs in areas surrounding his Denver home. Collaborating with music legends that include Harry James and Duke Ellington, Reed ventured into more and more clubs – at times sneaking in through the back door because he was underage.

During U.S Army service in South Pacific, Saipan and Okinawa, he didn’t have a piano but played anything he could get his hands on, including a folding pump organ. Following military discharge, he attended the University of Denver and used music to support himself by playing in clubs and restaurants. Drawing bigger crowds, he joined a popular six-piece band. A turning point came when his agent booked a series of shows over four months in Salt Lake City. There, he met his wife, Barbara.

Through the years, Reed enjoyed a successful career working with youth through the Boys Club in New York City, Salt Lake City and Escondido, Calif. He accomplished this all while pursuing his musical aspirations. Upon returning to Salt Lake City, Reed and his wife opened Four Seasons West, a social and dance hall, entertaining VIPs and diplomats. Reed hired budding musicians like Joe Muscolino and Kurt Bestor, who gained exposure there.

Reed continues to follow his heart by performing. He has recorded several CDs with both original and cover pieces. He continues to “listen” to his audience as they listen to him, and strives to facilitate a musical journey for them.

“I try to see if what I do at the piano will do something to them,” Reed says.



General Conference Dining at The Roof

We’re so excited for General Conference, and we know you are too! If you’re looking for a unique place to dine between your Saturday Conference sessions, visit us for lunch or dinner. General Conference is one of the few times of the year we open our restaurant for lunch! Check out our special lunch buffet menu below.

Click here to make your RESERVATION



Click here to make your RESERVATION

Zions Bank KSL Teacher Feature

The Roof Restaurant is proud to be part of this amazing initiative from KSL NewsRadio, Zions Bank and Burt Brothers Tire & Service that honors Utah’s best teachers. The winners are awarded with a gift certificate for dinner at The Roof Restaurant, with a plaque from Zions Bank, an overnight stay at Anniversary Inn, and a pair of season tickets from Hale Centre Theater!

Each week until May we’ll be featuring the winner here on our dining blog! To find out more about Zions Bank KSL Teacher Feature and/or to nominate your favorite teacher, visit KSL.com.

We would like to take the opportunity and extend our congratulations to all past winners.


August 27, 2013

Bert D. Sheffer - Hillsdale Elementary School


I would like to nominate a teacher who has made a big difference in the lives of so many of his students.

He was a dedicated teacher for 32 years. His goal was to see that each of his students would be ready

and well prepared to go forward to the next year of their education. He taught all subjects and was

especially focused on Math which he felt was very important.


Just recently during a local legislation meeting, a Utah politician was talking about the importance of our

teachers and what an impact a sincere, energetic, and devoted teacher can make. He started talking

about his favorite teacher. A teacher who made a big difference in the lives of his students. He talked

about how excited he was to be there every day, and how much he loved his students. You could tell

how important he felt teaching was, and that those students were like his own children. The speaker

said Mr Sheffer was his fourth grade teacher and had made a difference in his life. I was shocked to

find out the man he was talking about, was my grandfather. But the shock didn’t last for long. I have

heard the stories for years from my grandpa about his students, and the love he had for them as well as



He was always there on time, was enthusiastic, and deeply cared for each of his students made learning

a enjoyable experience. He was firm but fair. He loved teaching and it showed.

He hardly ever in his 32 years missed a day. One year he had the chance to go on a Caribbean Cruise

that my grandmother had won. I’ve heard this story a few times, and I still can’t believe the dedication

his response shows. He said, “I can’t go. It would be too disruptive for the class to have a substitute

teacher for a week.” He missed a once in a lifetime cruise because his students learning their curriculum

was more important. And he has never had another chance to take a cruise.


The only time he was remembered as not being in class was due to a class project of making sand

bottles. My grandfather traveled all over Utah gathering different colors of sand for them to use with

baby food bottles. One student had needed help pressing the sand down. Not realizing the bottle had a

crack in it, as he pressed down the bottle shattered cutting the tendon in his wrist. He needed surgery

and was hospitalized for a few days.


My grandfather is now 85 years old, and whenever we go out around town, we almost with out fail run

into one of his former students. Many of them are in very prominent professions. Several are in the

health field, in the business world, and one a prominent Politician . They are always so excited to see

him. They always tell him that he was their favorite teacher, and that he really made an impact on their



My grandpa is only one man, but it is amazing the impact one person can make. He taught 4th grade for

32 years, has 8 children, 48 grandchildren, and countless great grandchildren. The affect this man has

had on the world is amazing. And everyone he touches is succeeding in life, and making Utah a better

place. In one word, he is amazing. And to me, he is my hero.


–Taryn Wright

OpenTable Awards – The Roof

Based on over 5 million reviews on OpenTable, The Roof Restaurant made to Top 100 Scenic View Restaurants and Top 100 Most Romantic Restaurants national lists on OpenTable Diners’ Choice Awards. All restaurants with a minimum “overall” score and number of qualifying reviews were included for consideration.  Qualifying restaurants were then scored and sorted according to the percentage of qualifying reviews for which “scenic view” was selected as a special feature.  – See more at: OpenTable Blog


The Roof Sunset View

The Roof Restaurant also scored some local awards! Thank you to our wonderful customers for reviewing and rating The Roof Restaurant in websites such as OpenTable. We value your opinion and carefully read your reviews.


2013 Best of State Winners

We are honored to announce that The Lion House Pantry, The Garden Restaurant and The Roof Restaurant won Best of State 2013 in specific Dining Categories!

The Lion House Pantry – Informal American Dining
“In 1964, the Lion House was recognized as a National Historic Landmark, listed in the Register of Historic Places. Secretary of Interior, Stuart Udall praised the house as a monument to the achievements of the Mormon Pioneers. (…) Because history is a great part of the Lion House Pantry, so is the devotion and contribution of our chefs and staff to keep the traditions alive. (…)The restaurant is a distinctive place where the chefs and employees contribute with family recipes and everything is made from scratch; soups are prepared everyday, fresh rolls, baked goods, etc. The roast beef is a traditional recipe used from the beginning of the Pantry’s existence – almost 45 years. The Pantry also has the exclusive Brigham Young’s Sarsaparilla, a soft drink made from sarsaparilla plant similar to root beer, that he claimed to be his favorite drink.(…)”

The Garden Restaurant – Casual American Dining
“The Garden Restaurant has a rich legacy dating back to 1914, four years after the completion of the prestigious Hotel Utah.(…)This year, The Garden Restaurant celebrates 20 years with the reopening of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It continues to resemble the grandeur that The Starlight Gardens created some 98 years ago. (…) In 2012, The Garden added distinguished items to its Mediterranean inspired American cuisine menu. Among those, long-standing signature items to The Garden Restaurant still remain on the menu, including the famous Fried Pickles.”
This the 4th year in a row that The Garden Restaurant wins Best of State in this category!

The Roof Restaurant – Fine Dining Buffet
“The Roof Restaurant holds an elegant history in conjunction with the majestic Hotel Utah. In 1914, the extravagant Roof Gardens restaurant was opened atop the hotel, which offered immaculate views of the Salt Lake Temple and Salt Lake Valley.(…) Today, The Roof Restaurant is located in one of the interior seating sections of the old Roof Gardens. This particular section of the Roof Gardens was focused around small curved booths, which are still one of the distinct attractions of the current Roof Restaurant.(…) In December 2012, The Roof Restaurant received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Utah Restaurant Association, which is given to restaurant operations that have been in business for more than 50 years. (…) Our in-house Pastry Chefs create our award-winning array of specialty desserts exclusively for The Roof Restaurant. Each evening more than twenty different desserts are displayed at two Dessert Stations located in the center of the restaurant. (…) Executive Chef Mauricio and his staff prepare domestic and international cuisines that change each night. The Roof Restaurant takes special care to make sure every guest’s needs are met.”

General Conference Restaurants Hours

It’s April again and General Conference is here! Check out the special hours of Temple Square restaurants during the event on Saturday, March 30 and Saturday, April 6.
All Temple Square restaurants are closed on Sundays.

New Year's Eve – Celebrate at the Roof!

Welcome back, Charly!

As many of you may remember, the sweet motion picture Charly was a wonderful love story that touched the hearts of so many people. We love this movie and feel a special connection to it as one of our restaurants, The Roof Restaurant, had the privilege of being featured in one of the sweet scenes of this movie.  Now, 10 years later, Charly is back! On August 10, 2012, prepare to be swept away for a second time with all new scenes and a whole lot more Charly fun!

Charly, Ten Years Later

In the pantheon of motion picture releases, occasionally comes a movie that just won’t let go of you. These films resonate with their audiences on different levels and in different ways, but resonate they do to the point where they become part of the tapestry of the lives of those who have seen them. Charly is one such film.

Originally released in 2002, it is now poised for an encore celebration. With legions of fans worldwide, Charly was not only wildly popular at the box office during its initial release, it continues to be one of the all time best selling home video releases in its genre. From book to screen to video, Charly has stood the test of time and amassed a faithful fan base that will now have the opportunity to see it again on the big screen.

The filmmakers teamed up to make Charly with the clear intent to create the best film possible. They were relentless in being true to Jack Weyland’s story and to the fans who loved it so much. The result was a film that not only satisfied the original author, it was an immediate hit with the public and they showed their support by going back to see it time and time again.

Ten Years On

Through the ensuing years after Charly’s release, and after many requests from the audience to bring it back to the big screen, the decision was made to rerelease the film on its tenth anniversary. Upon revisiting the movie in anticipation of the encore presentation, it was decided that besides digitally remastering the film, new material would be created that the filmmakers didn’t have the budget, the opportunity or the creative insight (at the time) to achieve.

West Ridge Academy, a non profit organization that helps troubled youth, joined the reissue effort as the above the title sponsor to bring its considerable reputation to bear on getting the word out to the community. For its support, a percentage of the revenue generated through the rerelease of Charly will go back to West Ridge Academy.

The 10th Anniversary Encore release will feature many new “moments” that will surely entertain the audience. The film that audiences will see beginning in August will not just be the original work dusted off and reshown. It will be an updated and enhanced version without loosing a single nuance of the original. Moviegoers are in for a special experience when the lights go down and the curtain goes up on Charly, ten years later.

For more information visit www.CharlyEncore.com

Meet the film’s title sponsor at www.WestRidgeAcademy.com