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Christmas Wedding Table Decor

Christmas Wedding Table Decor Blog title

Having your wedding near Christmas might seem intimidating with the big holiday coming up, but it can also be one of the most magical times to tie the knot! A beautiful white snow backdrop, glistening Christmas lights, and the seemingly tangible holiday spirit in the air create an instant, romantic atmosphere for your celebration.

If that isn’t enough already, we have some great ideas on how to add a touch of this magical season to your celebration. Your theme doesn’t have to be full-blown Christmas or winter, but a few accents on tables and surrounding decor can really blend the season and your celebration together for a fun, cohesive feel, while still allowing your personalities to shine through.

Below are some of our favorite Christmas and winter wedding decorations for tables. Any combination of the following, along with your own personal touch, are sure to please you and your guests on your special day. Enjoy!


Fall Wedding Flower Inspiration

It must be fall – the weather has cooled down, the leaves are beginning to change colors, pumpkin is being integrated into all of your favorite snacks and meals. If you’ve decided to have your wedding in autumn, it must be because you absolutely love this time of year. Integrate this colorful season into your wedding theme by using some of these fall flowers as your inspiration.


Spice up your bridal and bridesmaid bouquets by adding some berry stems to your flower arrangements. The berries add some nice variety and texture to your bouquet, while also incorporating that perfect red fall hue. (more…)

Wedding Pinterest Bingo

One of the most creative wedding game ideas we’ve seen in a while! :) Pinterest Bingo


RECEPTION – 10 Weeks to Plan

10 Weeks to Plan a Wedding and everything turned out beautiful – beyond perfect! Our reception was phenomenal because of the immaculate work of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building Catering Office, Flowers Squared and our wonderful family and friends that put together the finishing touches and support. We were thrilled with how EVERYTHING turned out! We even had last minute problems with our music player, but the Joseph Smith Memorial Building had some good backup music that saved the day!

Flowers Squared helped us theme our reception into “Winter with a Hope of Spring”. Marshmallows were a major part of our decor for three reasons: we wanted our reception to be classy with a pop of fun – the mallows definitely captured that for us. They also represent the falling snow. And lastly, it was super unique! Michael and I aren’t big on following all the trends so we had to add our own little flare to things.  Enjoy all the pics below!!MikeandIwithtempleInWindow

We loved having the temple right behind us as we greeted our guests!!theroomfirstlook

mallows with temple backgroundhotcocoabarcabaret with pictheroom2mikesgmaroomwithpeepsquote 3

I’m a big quote lover so we had a few quotes out. Super simple to make with big frames, chalkboard spray paint and chalk markers!

centerpiece - short with pic

We bought cheap frames from the D.I., painted them black, put in different pictures from our dating life and set them on all the tables. Only cost us about $17 total and they turned out super cute!

hot cocoa bar with peepshot cocoa bar

Hot Chocolate Bar! So much fun with the marshmallow overlay! Perfect for a January wedding. :)

hot cocoaadamandtiffcenterpeice - tallguest book

Once again, marshmallows were used EVERYWHERE! Flowers Squared came up with cute ways to incorporate marshmallows into most of the decorations.


Kids Room! Turned out awesome!! Such a great idea from my coordinator at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building! This small room is connected by some glass doors to the main reception room, so the kids had their own territory where they could color, play with toys and/or watch the Ninja Turtles (Michael’s movie choice :) ) without being too far from mom and dad.

wedding cake

wedding cake - angle

Our baker friends did an amazing job on our cake! They even added our infinity symbol (its on both of our wedding rings) around the cake! It tasted delicious too! We had orange creamsicle for the bottom tier and chocolate for the top. And of course, the amazing Flowers Squared even put marshmallows in with the florals on top of the cake!

floral - succulentsgrands jessquote 2mikeanddev



Cutting the cake! cakeface1

It was a pleasure having this delicious cake smashed in our faces. :)

bouquet throwTossing the bouquet to all the single ladies!bouquet catcher 1

My cute 8 year old niece caught it!bouquet catcher - youi're next!!

Her awesome facial expression when I told her what it means when you catch the bride’s bouquet… :)
bouquet catchertheparentalscrewleaving 1

On our way out!
leaving 2Thank you to everyone who helped make this day so special!!! We love you all!!

Winter Wedding Ideas

Planning a Winter Wedding? Check out this site for some wonderful ideas…If nothing else, it will get the wheels turning to help you come up with your own special ideas! www.bridalguide.com

Ceremony DécorCeremony ProgramTable Décor

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Tablescapes have become very popular. Using a theme for your table decor helps you create more than just a fun look, it creates an entire experience for your guests. Tablescapes are a creative and unique way to express your personality and capture the ambiance of your event. Check out some of the tablescapes we created at a recent event held on the 9th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in the Sharon/Manchester Room.

Items used to create a beach theme on your tables

Burlap, Fish Netting, Seashells, A Sign Displaying Your Theme,  Brick Structure to Hold Chafer Full of Delicious Lobster Macaroni!

Small wooden beams tied with rope, pastel flowers, rustic white tree bark surrounding some flower vases, wooden or iron lanterns and any other items such as a decorative round lifesaver is perfect for this look.

Blue vases or dying the water in the vases blue brings the ocean to the table.

Burlap, Burlap, and more Burlap. Trendy and perfect for your beach theme. Also, using branch or coral looking items, lanterns, candles and sand help complete the look.

Items used for a Country Look at your tables

A lot of veggies, wooden barrels, mason jars and sunflowers. It’s amazing how one table, decorated correctly, can make you feel like you’re in a completely different place.

Items used for a Green outdoor look for your tables

Burlap works great for this Tablescape as well. Also, succulent plants, green vases and lanterns with candles. This very green Tablescape creates a succulent forest feel with a mystical, yet homey ambiance.

Several different plants and grasses create a dynamic green look with multiple textures that are very appealing to the eye. Cream colored flowers add another soft element that compliments the overall green theme.

Split-peas are a fun item to use under candles to continue the green outdoor feel.

Definitely use wood! Here we tied two sticks around these vases which not only unifies the whole centerpiece, but it adds a nice contrast against the smooth glass vases.

For more centerpiece ideas, visit us on Pinterest!

All decor and food was created by the Joseph Smith Memorial Building Catering and Flowers Squared

How to create a "Great Gatsby" wedding

Bring your own style into your wedding day.
Click HERE to listen to our Catering Director, Dianne Theurer,
as she talks about creating a Great Gatsby wedding.

Below are some ideas on how to create your own “Great Gatsby”/1920′s wedding!

1. Pick a venue built in the early 1900′s or a venue created with that type of feel.

The Joseph Smith Memorial Building/Hotel Utah was built in 1911. This is just one venue idea but there are several. Even an outdoor wedding event can be transformed into the 1920′s with the right decor.

Empire Room in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

2. Get a good florist and event designer to complete the look in your venue of choice.

Floral Centerpieces with Feathers – made by Flowers Squared

Feathers are a huge hit!

3. Find the Perfect Dress.

Lace and floral work great with the feel of “The Great Gatsby”

Make sure your man looks the part as well. Two-toned shoes with a tailcoat tux are a great look.

4. A beautiful, 1920′s inspired headpiece is a must!

Feathers and gems


Gems, beads, feathers and a little mesh

5. A vintage bouquet tops off your whole look!

Soft white or pastel flowers and feathers with a brooch and beads is a fun, unique idea

Once again, soft white or pastel flowers with an array of beads and brooches lining the top of the bouquet is a real eye catcher.

You can even create an all brooch bouquet which is stunning.

For more great wedding theme ideas. Click here to visit us on Pinterest

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