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Cupcake Bouquet

It’s a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but wait, they’re actually cupcakes!!

A bride just recently told our event coordinators at The Joseph Smith Memorial Building about her plan to have a gorgeous cupcake bouquet for her wedding cake!  What a fun and unique idea!

If you’ve never seen any cupcake bouquets before, check out more pictures from Google Images.  You’re in for a real treat!

*The above photo was found at www.mylittlecakes.com

Do You Know The Devereaux?

The Devereaux Mansion was the first mansion ever built in Utah.  While maintaining its historic beauty, this building was recently remodeled in the summer of 2010, making it even more perfectly suited for any wedding event!  Check out our video to find out what the Devereaux has to offer you!

Wedding Book? Take a Look!

One signature, two signature, five hundred and four

Wedding books are great, but one look and no more?

How often do you really think you’ll pull out your wedding book and reminisce over all your guests’ comments and signatures? Once? Maybe twice? Most people rarely ever re-read the wonderful comments in these gorgeous books, but a NEW idea just surfaced that may change the wedding book world as we know it.

A bride-to-be informed our event coordinators at The Joseph Smith Memorial Building about her idea to have several DR. SEUSS books at her wedding reception, instead of the traditional wedding book.  She wants to have a book on every table for her guests to sign.  Her and her husband-to-be want to read Dr. Seuss books to their future children, so they decided this would add a great touch to their story time.  Now every time they read these books they’ll be reminded of their wedding and all those who attended!

Just imagine, reminiscing over that glorious wedding day and the support of your family and friends could be a nightly occurrence!  What a fun and unique idea that will bring smiles to so many faces.  Who would have thought wedding books could be so fun (and inexpensive)!?