The Lion House

Lion House Children's Pioneer Birthday Parties

Filled with Fun

Two hours of fun for children 8-10 years old in the historic Lion House

Pioneer Games

We tell pioneer stories, play pioneer games and have an old-fashioned taffy pull.

Special Gift for The Birthday Child

Each birthday child receives a special gift from The Lion House. The party guests will also all leave with a special treat bag.

Personalized Birthday Cake

Every party includes a special personalized birthday cake, served with ice cream, made by the Lion House Bakery.

Invitations Included

Special Lion House Pioneer-themed birthday invitations are included and will be mailed directly to your home.

Schedule Today

The party is $195.00 for a total of 12 guests – 10 children and 2 adults are recommended.

To schedule a birthday event, please call The Lion House at
(801) 539-3250